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    • WDS C Series

    • NC Tilting Tables- Cradle Series

    • NC Tilting Tables- Single Arm Series

    • Cam Indexers

    • WDS-C120 NC Rotary Table

    • WDS-C160 NC Rotary Table

    • WDS-C170 NC Rotary Table

    • WDS-C200 NC Rotary Table

    • WDS Horizontal Rotary Table H630

    • NC Tilting Tables-Cradle Type RT170

    • Tilting Table- Single Arm T100

    • WDS Swivel Head B180

    • WDS Disc Tails

    • Flange Type Indexer

    • Shaft Model Indexer

    • Through Hole Indexer

    • Table Model Indexer

    Industries Served

    About Us

    WDS is professional engaged in the research, manufacturing, and marketing of the NC rotary tables, among one of a few world-leading enterprises which are able to commercialize the roller-cam structure drive technology. We own the zero-backlash roller drive technology, and provide products including cam indexers, 4th axis NC rotary tables, horizontal rotary tables, single-arm 5th axis NC rotary tables and tilting rotary tables, machine tool swivel heads and automatic tool changing (ATC) magazines. We also offer special designs for customers’ non-standard requirements.

    Business Partners

    • 中國航空
    • 兄弟機床
    • 格力集團
    • 伯恩光學
    • 鴻特精密
    • 華茂電子
    • 喬峰機械
    • 哈斯機床
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